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Who is Courtney Sappleton

Courtney Sappleton’s love of photography is obvious in his images – whether he is capturing newlyweds’ emotions, breath-taking vistas, models’ contours, new products or architectural angles. A native of Jamaica, Courtney’s photojournalistic approach portrays its people and landscapes with a combination of down-to-earth accuracy and artistic flair. His portfolio runs the gamut from macro photography to panoramas, natural light to strobe photography, black-and-white to vivid colour photography.


Courtney is a master of multiple trades. He holds a BSc. in Business Administration with a specialization in Programme and Project Management and is a trained accountant. He is also a musician, dramatist and graphic designer. He brings this strong left-right hemisphere balance to everything he does. This is reflected his eye for detail, his sense of colour, and his avant-garde compositional style. With a camera in his hands, Courtney can transform any item, event or person into a compelling work of art.

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