Andrew and Maria – Married!

The sky was full with ominous clouds but that was not going to place any damper on the fire between Andrew and Maria on their wedding day at Strawberry Hills Hotel and Spa! They were as happy as any two could possibly get on a big day such as this, with an intimate gathering to cheer them on in the process.


I look back at this wedding fondly and remember the interactions with these guys and all I can think is “what a cool couple”!!! In the face of the inclement weather most brides have the temptation to break down and become a nervous wreck but Maria was cool, calm and collected. During the preparation shoots it sounded like we were getting rain enough to compensate for the months of drought faced by the country till then. It worked out well because at the end of that session the sky was beautiful, rendering clear skies and a beautiful backdrop for some timeless captures!


Congratulations again are in order for this awesome unit!!!
























































Location: Strawberry Hill Hotel and Spa
Associate Photographer/Lighting Assistant: Jamie Barnett
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