Kemil & Nicole

I am always excited when a couple calls me to enquire about my service, but I am usually overjoyed when that couple is a friend! I have known Nicole for a great number of years and met Kemil maybe about four or five years ago when I was selling him my Olympus DSLR on my upgrade to the Nikon System. Kemil is also budding photographer and was happy with the buy!

 We met for dinner and to hand over the camera Kemil was buying from me. What can I tell you, I knew this was a good yute for my friend Nicole when he broke out a bag he carried from the country with yellow yam and other goodies for me. I was about to leave and was really surprised by the gesture. The man had a big and kind heart and this was evident from that meeting and my witnessing the interaction with Nikki.

 Long story shot, they told me some months ago that they were planning the wedding and that I should get my camera ready. Well what can I say? I was READY! I had this idea of shooting a couple at one of our derelict train tracks for a while now and just haven’t gotten around to it. I decided to go for it with Nicole and Kemil and made a few stops along the way there.

Here is the result!! Enjoy!!

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