Nicole and Kemil Walford

The story of Nicole and Kemil began when…

Despite her reluctance to make the hectic journey to Spaldings,Clarendon from Mobay where she was working, set off for Knox College early on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2011.  Little did she know, this hectic journey was about to change her life. Arriving, tired, car sick and with a headache, she asked directions of a teacher she saw at the gate. He directed her to the gym to set up. Her coworker met her at the gym and was helping to unload the expo material when the same teacher came up and greeted him, apparently they went to university together.  The day went on and the teacher returned to “hail” his friend. It was then that Nicole noticed him. He introduced himself, as “Walford…Kemil Walford” and they struck up a conversation. Since she wasn’t feeling well, Kemil went to get her some medication. On his return he tried to illicit information from Nicole, in between her interacting with the students and them teasing him about his obvious interest.  

At the end of the expo, he asked Nicole to “walk with him”.  Still not feeling well and truthfully a little shy to join him, she refused. He asked for her number, adding that he was out of practice in the area. Well he was triumphant there, he got the number and Nicole anxiously awaited his call.  He didn’t disappoint. They spoke on the phone and prayed together daily for 40 days before they went on their first date on March 26, 2011.  Two years later on February 2, 2013, he proposed, she said yes and together they will walk for the rest of their lives.
Location: Hibiscus Lodge, Ocho Rios, St. Ann
Wedding Planner: Zedoj Events and Weddings 
MUA: Arlene Munroe 
Associate photographer: Joel Finnigen
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